New cool features at online casinos
November 22, 2017

Welcome again to one of our articles! Here we will be focusing on some the most modern features that online casinos have. A couple of these features might not be that fresh, but you should note that not every feature starts off being great. There are many features that have been rather poor when they first arrived on the scene but have since become staples in the whole casino industry. One of these things would be mobile casinos, which used to be very complex and hard to use but are all the rage right now.

Without further ado, let us look at some the great features that online casinos have nowadays!

#1 Mobile Casinos

We said it already, but mobile casinos have become extreme popular these days. You probably remember a time when mobile phones were actually not all that mobile. Phones of today only weigh about one sixth of what they used to weigh. Mobile phones used to be referred to as either logs or bricks, which kind of gives you the idea of what they used to look like and feel like. Of course, they weren’t really anything close to the mini-computers of today. Surely, mobile casinos didn’t exist back then, but once they finally saw the light of day, not everyone had a great mobile phone with a great internet connection to boot. It’s completely different now, as your mobile phone internet connection might be almost as good as that of your PC. Thus, it is pretty natural that mobile casinos have also become a lot better than they were. Some casinos are even “mobile first”, which means they are designed and built for mobile first, and laptop second. A good example of this is the online casino Dreamz, that has an epic mobile website.

#2 Live Casinos

Live casinos might not be that new either, but they have definitely become a lot better in the past few years. This is, again, due to the fact that technology has become so much better, faster and smoother than what it used to be. Just about everyone has a great DSL connection to the internet, which in turns has allowed online casinos to up their game as well. Casinos of today know that you have the necessary bandwidth, so they are capable of presenting you with high-quality services such as live feeds where you can actually see and hear the dealer and chat with them from the comfort of your own house. It is all pretty spectacular, but it certainly wouldn’t have been possible only 10 years ago.

#3 Gamification

Gamification is basically what happens when modern open-world video games such as Skyrim, Fallout, The Witcher and even Grand Theft Auto collide with online casinos. Gamification lets you to actually take part in an online casino’s well-crafted story mode where you go on an adventure. This might all sound a bit complex, but trust us—it’s not.

Gamification might have you fighting dragons or other monsters with your casino knight, but it all happens by playing casino games. So no, you don’t have to learn to swing a sword or even to use your keyboard to control your character—you only have to play your favourite slots to progress. Feats such as slaying dragons might only require you to trigger free spins on your favourite game, after which your story progresses and you get, say, an extra 10 free spins for your efforts. Doesn’t sound all that bad, now does it?

Hope you like our list! More will follow soon!