How to use casino bonuses to your advantage
November 1, 2017

By now, we think we’ve established what casino bonuses are with our many articles here. Thus, we would really like to start talking about some cooler stuff instead. Now we are really getting to the juicy parts! This is where the fun starts! Yay! Great! Awesome! How riveting!

Let us stop our celebration for now. We just had to get that out of our system as we are so elated to finally move onto something a bit more interesting. As casino enthusiasts, we’ve spent quite some time explaining our friends and loves ones all kinds of elementary things. We have made a lot of people into actual casino believers, which has required for us to really start from scratch again and again. It is as if we were martial arts experts who really enjoy the ever-flowing, gentle and agile movements of swift kicks and punches, but have been be stuck teaching the beginners’ class for months and months. Finally we can show you our Tiger Punches, Falcon Kicks, Dragon Throws and whatnot… metaphorically speaking, of course.

How do you use casino bonuses to your advantage?

All right, this is where we really get out motor running. How do you do it? There’s a sea of online casino bonuses there for you to choose from, but how do you actually take full advantage of their potential? That is—how do you turn your bonus money and free spins into real money that you can actually put into your bank account and use to buy you some fish and chips or croissants? This is the true art of casino bonuses that will be shown to you in mere moments.

In reality, there’s no magic bullet, but there is still one thing to remember here!

If possible, pick a game with the highest possible RTP

The thing about deposit bonuses is that they require you to complete a rollover. This means that you will need to make each bonus £ count. For instance, you might have a bonus of £50 that has to be wagered 30 times. This means that you have to kind of make every pound worth 30 pounds. Thus, we get the equation of £50 x 30 = £,1500. So, even though you only have 50 pounds in your account, you have to play like you had £1,500.

The way that you go about it is that you keep spinning the reels for as long as you can, hoping that you will win back more than what you put in. If you don’t win anything with your £50, it means you have only wagered £50 worth and it’s game over. However, if you win, say, £100 straight away with your first 1-pound spin, that means that you have wagered 1/1500 and are currently at £149. Now, if you stop winning and lose it all, you have actually wagered 150/1500. The one takeaway here is that you have to keep winning in order to progress your rollover without going broke.

The best and most probable way to keep winning would be to play a game that has a very high RTP, which stands for “Return To Player.” This percentage tells you how likely you are to win money when you’re playing. If a game has a poor RTP, it is less likely for you to win. Thus, you should always favour games with high RTP (over 96%) to keep your rollover going.

A word of advice here, though—you should always take a look at bonus terms and conditions before you actually decide to claim a bonus. A lot of bonuses out there are actually restricting you from playing high-RTP games to lessen your chances to win!