Why Wagering Requirements Rock
January 3, 2018

Hehe, a little bit controversial that title, eh? There sure are a lot of people in the world who do not really like wagering requirements—and for good reason. If you just want to deposit some money and make a quick buck, you had actually better not claim any casino bonuses. There’s definitely nothing wrong with not using bonuses, and I would even recommend this on some occasions. It’s all about what you want.

Playing with bonuses, however, can also be a whole lot of fun! And that’s what I’m going to be discussing here!

Play With More

There’s one great thing that’s pretty obvious about playing with a bonus. You get a lot more money than what you put in! Some casinos might be giving you 100 percent extra, but there’s many out there that are going to give you even more. It’s just awesome playing with a whole bunch of money—even if it is indeed bonus money. Of course, you will also have more chances to win, which makes things all the more sweeter.

But! This article isn’t about the obvious advantages that bonuses can give you. It’s about how wagering requirements can actually work to your advantage and make your sessions even better than they normally would be!

No Pressure Whatsoever

When you’re playing with a bonus, you do not have to feel any pressure at all. As humans who can never have too much money on our bank account, dabbling with a lot of cash can sometimes make us super nervous. On top of this, when we do happen to win 10 or 20 pounds, we will inherently feel guilty about wanting to win more. Sure, we might sign up in hopes of winning big, but even when we’re only seeing our very first small profit, we might start to feel anxious. It’s like from that point onwards our session is kind of tainted since we were already winning but did not stop right there and then. If we end up losing after this, we will feel bad about not quitting while we were ahead.

When playing with bonuses that are subject to wagering requirements, however, we do not have to feel guilty about anything. Yeah, sure, we might still win a few extra quid already during our first 10 minutes of playing, but it does not mean that we have to head straight to the cashier and leave it at that. Instead, the wagering requirements are forcing us to play and to enjoy the games some more. It truly is a beautiful thing when you think of it this way.

Oh, and what happens when we actually do complete our wagering? We will probably have a whole lot of money on our account as otherwise it’s often quite difficult to even complete your wagering in the first place. So, in reality, these bonus rules will either make us lose our deposit or win a lot of money. It’s pretty much either one of these.

You might have a few session where you will not be getting anything at all, but then there will be one session that will cover most of these other sessions. Take me, for example—I am used to playing with like 50 pounds or so per session, but even though I oftentimes lose, I’ve had some sessions where I’ve walked away with £1,000 when all has been said and done.

Playing without bonus money is just not for me. It is too much pressure and not a lot of money! Playing with bonus money, on the other hand, is like constantly having two extremes present. And frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way!